I love Creating all of my work from an instinctual place, I enjoy telling stories through the movement and expression of the dancers. I am interested in humanness-the ways we express who we are, and love seeing dancers as people, not as superhuman gods or goddesses. I’m interested in the emotion of everyday life, I take it and enhance it when I create most of my pieces. And creating roles that cater to my dancers is the catalyst for my inspiration.

Phyllis Drennan: Owner/Artistic Director

I am the winner of many awards throughout the competition scene for outstanding choreography. I specialize in Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Lyri​cal, and Musical Theater.

I ​understand the importance of having fun and perfecting skills to succeed in the dance world. I moved to New Hampshire from NYC 15 years ago, where I have trained with notable tap, contemporary, jazz and ballet instructors such as Lynda Gache, Phil Black, Mandi Moore, Mia Michaels, Michael Owens, Debbie Dee, Gus Giordano, Bob Rizzo, Frank Hatchett, Celia Marta, Anastasia Brusnitsyna, Nadia Zhivotenko, Robert Christopher, as well as many other great instructors in the NY area.

I have taught workshops and master classes all throughout the country as well as judged for various competitions and beauty pageants in NH and NY. I attribute most of my dance training from the wonderful Lynda Gache and Michael Owens. I have trained dancers at St. Paul’s Academy School in Concord NH as well as Boces Cultural Art Center on Long Island NY, and have worked for several dance organizations DEA, DMA, and toured with Art Stones Dance Olympus Platinum Team. I am also choreographer for the Derryfield High School Theater Program in Manchester, NH.

My stage work consists of Hello-Broadway, 42nd Street, Legally Blonde, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored DreamCoat and All Shook Up. I have choreographed for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as well as a portion of the 1996 Super Bowl, and in 2011 choreographed the opening act for (Selena Gomez and the Scene) Concert At the Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion in Gilford NH.

I have students performing professionally in the Broadway Shows: Stomp, Swing, Tap Dance Kid, Tap Dogs, The Gene Kelly Story, Disney World Japan and High School Musical Disney World Fla, Broadway Tour Rev​olutions Tap Show, Rockettes in N.Y. and Touring, Broadway Show Legally Blonde, Paul Taylor Dance Company, and currently have students featured in Finding Neverland and Jersey Boys playing one of the lead roles of Joe Pesci/Frankie Vallie.